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We are very happy to announce our next edition of Desert Battles. This will be held on March 4, 2023 at Parque La Ruina Hermosillo, Sonora.

In edition number two we obtained excellent results, obtaining a growth of 120% with respect to the previous year. Some of the official numbers were:

-More than 90 athletes from all over the world.

-More than 850 spectators.

-More than 6500 views on the official live broadcast.

-More than 50 sponsors supporting our sport.

-$115,000 mxn in prizes (approximately $5,750 dollars).

What can you expect for the next edition?

Our team is working to continue with this exponential growth year after year. The goals for next year are:

-More than 200 athletes from all over the world.

-More than 1500 spectators.

-Over 20,000 views on the official live stream.

-$180,000 mxn in prizes (approximately $9,000 dollars).

Some of the important changes that we will have for this next edition is regarding the athlete selection system. In previous years, athletes in the freestyle categories were selected by invitation and those in the endurance category only went through the registration process.

For our next edition if you wish to be selected (March 4, 2023), either in the freestyle or resistance tournament, you must be aware of the following information:

- The selection method will be through our website, where you will upload your classification video and the necessary information.

-Soon we will announce the tests for the resistance tournament.

-You have to comply in a timely manner with the stipulated formats and dates.

- The important dates are listed below:

鉁 Reception of classification videos from September 12 to 19, 2022. Cost $200 mxn // $10 dlls.

鉁 Publication of the first list of selectors in all categories October 3, 2022.

鉁 Waiting list publication (in case a selected athlete cancels) October 10, 2022.

鉁 Registration payment deadline and confirmation of attendance December 5, 2022. Cost $1,000 mxn // $50 dlls.

If you have any questions regarding the selection methods, you can write to us at

We also remind you that our regulations are on our website (click here).

M.A Marcos A. Urias Torres

DIRECTOR DESERT BATTLES MX / Hermosillo, Sonora M茅xico.

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